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5 Things to Do in Christchurch This Summer

With international travel sadly off the cards for a while why not get to know your backyard a bit better. Here are 5 fun things to do in Christchurch this Summer. 

Are you somebody who prefers to get onto a plane and travel to another country and explore? Me too! But since Covid has hit travelling abroad isn’t an option. So what better time than now to visit all of the places you put off seeing in the past.

I’ve lived in New Zealand my entire life but only this year did I visit the South Island for the first time. I was super taken back. It’s beautiful down here which is partly why we jumped at the opportunity to move.

Since exploring Christchurch more I’m excited to share 5 of the best things to do when you visit this Summer.

1. Walk the Godley Head track

If you are looking for a scenic walk to go on in the Christchurch region then look no further than the Godley heads track. This walk blew my mind! Coming from the North Island I’ve been a many breathe taking walks but I don’t think many compare to this track. 

With the ocean by your side the entirety of your walk, you will be gobsmacked at this cities beauty. 

Pack yourself a picnic lunch and enjoy a few hours in the fresh outdoors. This track is a long one but you don’t have to walk the entire way. 

One of the highlights for me was seeing all of the classic kiwi batches along the beachside before heading onto the track. It was nostalgic of the Summer holidays when I was younger.

5 Things to Do in Christchurch This Summer
The incredible view at the beginning of the Godley Head walking track.

2. Visit the Christchurch Farmers Market

Every Saturday morning between 9 am and 1 pm the Christchurch farmers market is on at the Riccarton House. This is such a delightful market to visit filled with delicious pastries, vegetables, olive oils, bagels and so much more! 

If you’re not local to the area this is a great way to get to meet some of Christchurch’s local artisans and support the community while visiting the city. 

Take a picnic blanket and a basket to carry your fresh produce around in. I guarantee you will leave with something in hand. 

The Riccarton House is a beautiful historic building situated next to the Avon river. You can grab yourself a coffee with breakfast and sit along the waterside or in the park. It’s a lovely way to spend your morning here in Christchurch. 

3. Drive to Lyttelton

If you have the option I recommend hiring a car and driving out to Lyttelton, I promise you won’t be disappointed. This quaint little town has old-school Fisherman vibes. The small bungalows are pleasing to the eye from the classic red paint to the picot white fences. 

5 Things to Do in Christchurch This Summer
A few of the many cute bungalows in Lyttelton.

You can look out to the bay from the small village filled with delightful cafes and boutiques that are filled with local artisan’s work. There is even a quaint ceramics studio where you can take throwing classes.

On Saturday mornings you can visit the local farmer’s markets that are filled with local artisan food and homewares. I have personally found some beautiful keepsakes for my first home when visiting for the first time. 

5 Things to Do in Christchurch This Summer
A very fun entrance to one of the thrift stores in Lyttelton.

4. Walk along Sumner Beach

Sumner is a must see if you enjoying beachside walks with a coffee in hand. Being early Spring, I would say it’s still too cold to swim unless you’re a brave soul. 

I can imagine it to be a hot spot during the summertime. With plenty of space for setting up beach tents and brollys for a day at the beach. 

The local village is filled has plenty of delish food choices for a late lunch or dinner.

If you’re an ice cream kind of person, like me! There is a cool American style diner where you can grab a hotdog, ice cream or cinnamon donuts, my favourite!

However, be prepared to wait for a car park or get your walk on. Sumner can get really busy on warmer days!

5. Spend the afternoon at the Tannery 

If you haven’t heard of The Tannery before you’re missing out. This is one of the coolest boutique shopping centres in New Zealand. Located in Woolston, the old brick buildings are whimsical and filled with charming tea rooms, home décor, and dried flowers. 

Be prepared to spend a few hours browsing electric homewares, second-hand shops, fabric stores, and even books. You may get lost in the dried flower store or find yourself grabbing a bite to eat from the many eatery’s. 

5 Things to Do in Christchurch This Summer
5 Things to Do in Christchurch This Summer
A beautiful bunch of Poppy flowers for sale in Mrs Bottomley’s Flower Store.

It’s also home to some seriously good sushi. Nori Table has some of the best salmon sushi so if that’s your thing this place is not to be missed! 

If you have time consider booking high tea at the Pennylane Tea Rooms as a sweet treat. I’ve heard this is amazing and a nice way to spend a morning. This is on my to do list this Summer. 

Cosi Fan Tutte Boutique is my personal favourite at The Tannery. This store is filled with an array of handcrafted products from clothing to soaps. The whimsical stationery and piles of books are always the first to grab my attention. Whenever we go on holiday I like to pick up a few keepsakes to remember my trip by. If you are the same then I’m sure this store will have something special for you!

5 Things to Do in Christchurch This Summer
Cosi Fan Tutte boutique’s glamorous shop front.

5 Things to Do in Christchurch This Summer Conclusion

It was pretty difficult to only share 5 things to do in Christchurch because this region is filled with so many epic activities.

If you live in Christchurch or have visited before what are your favourite things to do? 

I have to say it’s a true blessing to be living in such a beautiful spot of the country that has plenty of things to see and do. If you get the chance to visit Christchurch, I highly recommend you do. 

Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more spots to visit in the South Island!

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