DIY Linen Wrap Skirt

Hello Lovely,

Im writing this post to share how you can whip yourself up a cute summer wrap skirt. Wrap styles are my go to wardrobe staples because they're comfortable, flattering and the perfect building block piece. I used a thick black linen for my wrap skirt which gives it a full volume look. You could use a lighter weight cotton poplin, rayon or silk if you like to get a softer drape. 

Below is an easy to follow guide so you can self draft your own wrap skirt. I have also made a video tutorial which I will link below.

You will need:
  • Linen or Cotton 1.5m
  • Tape measure
  • Matching thread & bobbin
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pins
  • Tailors chalk
  • Sewing machine
  • Overlocker
  • Iron

To start measure your waist and widest part of your hips and write this down.

Lay your fabric in half on a flat surface and grab your tape measure and chalk.

a) Measure out 1/4 your waist measurement from folded edge and chalk. At the fold measure down 3cm from waist point and mark with a straight line(this is to curve waist seam soon).

b) Measure down from 3cm mark on fold around 35cm*. This is your length minus the frill so you may want to keep this shorter if you're adding a frill to your hem).

c) At length point measure out 1/4 hip + 5cm from the folded edge. Measure down a further 3cm and mark.

d) Draw in the straight side seam from waist to hem points.

e) Curve waist and hem lines meeting points.

Cut 1cm around the back pieces for seam allowance. (*measure from waist to where you would like your skirt to sit)

Keeping fabric on the fold, trace the back panel onto your fabric.

Now curve from the centre of your hem up to the waist seam to create your front panel shape. You need a pair of these so cut this piece out on the folded fabric so they are exactly the same.

Cut around the front pieces with a 1cm seam allowance.

Join side seams together and overlock.

a) Measure along your skirts waist line and write down the length.

b) Skirt waist length x 4 = waistband & tie length.

c) Draw out your waistband onto the fabric 4cm wide x 1/2 the waistband/tie length cutting x2 pairs. You need 4 pieces.

Cut 1cm around the waistbands for seam allowance. Set aside to sew soon.

Now you need to cut out your hem frill.

a) Measure your front and back hem line.

b) Work out frill piece sizes.
Hem length x 2 = Frill piece lengths to gather.

c) Trace this onto the fabric as rectangles about 10-14cm wide*

d) Curve the front panels at one end up-to nothing at the waist. Check my video tutorial for help.

Cut 1cm around the frill pieces for seam allowance.

Tip: Cut back & front frill panels separately so you can gather smaller pieces at a time. and this fits better when cutting out.
(*Work out what length is best for you)


a) Join frill panels together.

b) Hem frill by either overlocking and turning up once or double turning 5mm and edge stitching down.

c) Gather stitch the front, back, front in panels to ensure you don’t break the threads when pulling. Evenly spread the gathers and pin your frill to the skirt hem starting at the front waistband edge.

d) Sew the frill onto the skirt hem and unpin. Check it is sitting correctly then overlock the seam.


a) Join waistbands together so you have a pair not 4 pieces anymore.

b) Now pin and sew 1 long side of the waistband and press flat. Wrap your waist tie around your waist as you would a wrap skirt with one side shorter than the other which wraps around your body once. pin the two ends of the ties where you want these to be bagged out.

Sew the open sides of your waistband up to where you have marked with pins. Trim the corners and grab a knitting needle to push the bagged out ties through.

c) Attach the waistband right sides together sewing up-to the bagged out tie points which should fit the skirt waist in snuggly. Then fold under 1cm and sew the inner waistband down with a tidy edge stitch.

Give your linen wrap skirt a really good press!

Thats it! Voila.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and creating a really easy wrap skirt with me. Its a really great wardrobe essential that you can wear in summer to the beach or in winter with stockings, boots and a coat.

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