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  • DIY Printable Christmas Stocking

    I love Christmas time, it's my favourite time of the year. I love putting up a real Christmas tree and decorating the house. You may have seen my recent Christmas tutorial sharing how I made my own affordable, rustic, Christmas decorations. So I thought why not make my own matching Christmas stockings too! 

  • How to Make Grain Sack Fabric

    Learn how to make your own grain sack to create rustic farmhouse style fabric. Because its coming into the holiday season, I have been using this to create beautiful grain sack decorations for my Christmas tree and home.
  • Budget Decorations to Sew for Christmas

    I absolutely love Christmas time! Its my favourite time of the year. I love putting up a real Christmas tree and decorating the house. Traditional Christmas decor is so beautiful but I find its often too expensive for my budget at such an expensive time of the year thats why I am sharing how to make your own this year.
  • How to Make DIY Farmhouse Inspired Curtains on a Budget using Drop Cloth

    Learn how to make DIY farmhouse inspired curtains for your home with this easy tutorial. Transform your window and space by adding these pretty inexpensive curtains to your home.
  • Sewing Terms A-Z Glossary

    There are so many sewing terms to wrap your head around and when you first start sewing. It can be confusing and overwhelming to know what everything means. Thats why I have put together this glossary of sewing terms A-Z for you to read through or reference when you need to throughout your sewing journey.
  • DIY Zero Waste Top

    Learn how to make a simple zero waste top to wear on those warmer days. This sewing project doesn't require any fancy sewing skills, so if you are a beginner totally give this a go!
  • Blouse One Pattern Hacking Idea

    I am super excited to share this Blouse One pattern hack idea. I've been wanting to do this for ages but I always find myself running out of time. ...
  • 5 Sewing Project Ideas to Make in Under 10 Minutes

    This tutorial shares 5 simple, fun sewing projects that you can make in under 10 minutes using scrap fabrics. 

  • Rachel Skirt - Cutting Out Delicate Fabrics on the Bias

    I am sharing an epic life saving (well sewing saving) tip on how I cut out delicate fabrics on the bias in relation to my latest sewing pattern The Rachel Bias Skirt.

  • Featured by Apparel Magazine as one of the "Top 20 Places you can get NZ made Face Masks"

    With Covid 19 appearing in New Zealand I was very quick to get organised with mask making supplies. At first I was just sewing them for my friends ...
  • DIY Tiered Maxi Dress

    I absolutely love cotton dresses for summer, especially ones that are tiered, gathered and dreamy. I had some white cotton poplin in my ...
  • DIY Linen Wrap Skirt

    Wrap styles are my go to wardrobe staples they're comfortable, flattering and the perfect summer piece. This is a quick project that you can make in a couple of hours, it is also beginner friendly so don't be afraid to give this a go.