DIY Linen Wrap Skirt

Wrap styles are my go to wardrobe staples they're comfortable, flattering and the perfect summer piece. 

diy wrap skirt

This is a quick project that you can make in a couple of hours, it is also beginner friendly so don't be afraid to give this a go. 

If you aren't a fan of ruffles on your clothing no problem! You can still make this skirt without the ruffles. You will just need to overlock around the skirt hem and then fold it up about 1cm and edge stitch down. 

Sewing is an amazing skill to acquire. You will be able to sew yourself and your family clothing and homewares saving you thousand of dollars every year. 
 diy linen wrap skirt detail

I really love to use natural materials for my sewing projects as they tend to last longer and give me the look I am going for. It's also so much better for our bodies to be able to breathe. 


  • Lightweight fabrics such as cotton and linen works well here. Don't use anything with stretch in it.
  • If you want to make a few of these  skirts I suggest taking some time to make a quick pattern on newsprint. 
  • Sew two rows of gather stitching to ensure you get evenly gathered ruffles.

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diy linen skirt tools

  • 1.6 yards or 1.5 metres fabric 
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Measuring tape 
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pins


  • Front Skirt x 2 
  • Back Skirt x 1 
  • Waistband x 4
  • Front Ruffles x 2 
  • Back Ruffle x 1



measure yourselfTo start measure your waist and widest part of your hips and write this down.


Lay your fabric in half on a flat surface and grab your tape measure and chalk.

laying out linen for diy wrap skirtMeasure out 1/4 your waist measurement from folded edge and chalk. At the folded edge measure down 3cm from waistline and mark.

Measure down from 3cm mark on fold around 35cm or desired length. TIP: This is your length minus the frill so you may want to keep this shorter if you're adding a frill to your hem.

measure out hem

At the hem line measure out 1/4 hip + 5cm from the folded edge. Measure down a further 3cm and mark.

Draw a straight line from waist to hem point to create the side seam.

curving skirt

Curve waist to meet 3cm mark at the top and the same for the hem curve down from the side seam to the 3cm mark. 

Cut 1cm or 1/2 inch around the piece for seam allowance.


trace around back

Keeping fabric on the fold, unfold the back skirt and trace around with chalk.

Now curve from the centre of your hem up to the waist seam to create your front skirt shape. You need a pair of these so cut this piece out on the folded fabric so they are exactly the same.

Add a 1cm or 1/2 inch seam allowance only to the curve not around all edges as the back skirt you traced off has seam allowance included. 

curve the front skirt


sew front and back seams

Pin and sew front and back side seams together and overlock or zigzag the raw edges.

measure front skirt

Measure along the skirt waistline and note down the measurement.

pinning down waisttie

cutting out waisttie

Skirt waist length x 4 = waistband & tie length.

Cut out waistband panels 6cm wide x 1/2 the waistband length + 2cm for seam allowance. Cut x 2 pairs to get 4 panels altogether. 


measure out hem

Measure the skirt hemline and note this down.

Hem length x 2 = Frill length 

tracing out wrap skirt frill

cutting out skirt frill

Keeping your fabric on the fold trace or cut out a rectangle that is 14cm wide x 1/2 frill length + 2cm for seam allowance. As you are cutting out two pieces you need to half the frill length. 

Keeping the frills together curve one end to create a narrower frill width. This will be sewn near the waistband so you don't want it to be super bulky. 

sewing ruffle together

Pin frills together at straight ends and sew together. Finish raw edges with overlocker or zigzag stitch.

hemming the frill

Hem frill by either overlocking and turning up once or double turning 5mm and edge stitching down.

gathering up the frill

Gather along the straight edge of ruffle with two rows 5mm apart. Pull the threads to gather up the frill. 

pinning ruffle to skirt

sewing ruffle to skirt

Pin the frill to the skirt hem making the gathers as even as you can. Sew together with 1cm or 1/2 inch seam allowance and finish off the raw edges. 


Join waistbands at the centre back seams. You will be creating a pair. 

sew around waistband

You need to leave about 1/4 of the waistband hanging over on one side and less on the other to allow for wrapping the ties around your waist.

Wrap the tie around your waist to work out the right lengths for you. When you figure this out pop in a pin on each side to indicate where the ties meet your skirt waistline. 

bagging out the ties

Pin around waistbands right sides together on one long side and the two ends then around only to the marked pin points. Sew 1cm or 1/2 inch around. Leave one long side open. Wiggle out the corners of waistband ties to sit nicely and press flat. 

pinning ties to skirt

sewing waistband to the skirt

Attach one side of the waistband to skirt right sides together sewing up-to the tie points.

folding under 1cm on waistband

On the inside waistband fold under 1cm and pin in place then sew down with an edge stitch.

diy linen wrap skirt




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