29+ DIY Pumpkins to Make this Fall

As the leaves turn vibrant shades of orange and the air becomes crisp, it’s time to embrace the season of pumpkins! Whether you’re a crafting enthusiast or a beginner looking for creative inspiration, I’ve rounded up a collection of delightful pumpkin-themed crafts perfect for fall.

From easy, no-sew yarn-wrapped pumpkins to charming paper crafts and even wood bead pumpkins, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

30 diy pumpkin craft tutorials to make for fall and Halloween

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1. DIY Wood Bead Pumpkin

These charming DIY wood bead pumpkins add a rustic touch to your autumn decor. Using wooden beads and other supplies, you can create adorable farmhouse-inspired pumpkins displayed on shelves and mantels or even used as place settings for a fall-themed gathering.

Diy wooden bead pumpkin craft

2. No-Sew Yarn Wrapped Pumpkins

If you’re looking for a fuss-free project that requires no sewing skills, these adorable yarn-wrapped pumpkins are just the thing. With simple supplies like plastic bags, orange yarn, sticks and tape, you can create charming decorations in no time.

DIY no sew pumpkins from yarn

3. DIY Farmhouse Pumpkins – Dollar Tree Hack

This Dollar Tree hack is perfect if you’re on a budget but still want stunning fall decor. With a few inexpensive Dollar Tree pumpkins, you can transform ordinary pumpkins into chic Pottery Barn-inspired decorations.

diy dollar tree pumpkin hack

4. No-Sew Fabric Pumpkins

If you love the look of fabric pumpkins but don’t have sewing skills or a sewing machine, don’t worry! You can still create charming fabric pumpkins with this no-sew technique. Using fabric, a foam pumpkin, and a few other supplies, you can easily make adorable pumpkins without any sewing involved.

diy 10 minute fabric pumpkins

5. Paper Pumpkin Craft

Get creative with this fun and budget-friendly paper pumpkin craft. Using cardstock paper in orange or fun prints, you can cut out strips and assemble them to create a vibrant pumpkin display. This craft is a great one to make with kids.

diy paper pumpkins

6. Book Character Pumpkins

Combine your love for books and pumpkins with this unique and whimsical craft idea. Transform ordinary pumpkins into beloved book characters by painting or drawing your favourite characters’ faces. From Harry Potter to SpongeBob, let your kid’s imagination run wild.

diy character pumpkins

7. Rust Pumpkin Using Rust Effect Paint

Add an antique touch to your pumpkin decor with this upcycled DIY craft. You can create a weathered rust pumpkin that adds character to your fall display using rust effect paint and an old dessert pan.

diy rust pumpkin face craft

8. Wood Veneer Pumpkins

This wood veneer DIY pumpkin is a must-try. You can create stunning wooden pumpkins with a natural and rustic look with thin wood veneer sheets, glue, and paint. These non-traditional pumpkins are a nice touch for a modern or Scandinavian interior.

diy veneer wood pumpkin

9. Painted Pumpkin Mason Jars

This mason jar craft is perfect to do with the kids! Transform ordinary mason jars into adorable pumpkin-themed decor with this easy and versatile craft. Using acrylic paint and glitter, you can paint mason jars to resemble cute pumpkins to fill with tea lights, fairy lights or candy!

diy mason jar painted pumpkins for tea lights

10. Tissue Paper Pumpkin Favours Craft

Try making these tissue paper pumpkins for a budget-friendly, fall party favour. With tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and a few lollies, you can create cute and colourful pumpkin-shaped favours that will delight others. Perfect for Halloween parties or autumn-themed events, these favours add a festive touch.

tissue paper pumpkin party favours

11. Halloween Popsicle Stick Pumpkins Craft

This easy and playful popsicle stick pumpkin craft will make the kids involved in the pumpkin crafting fun. You can create these fun pumpkin characters for delightful decorations or even cute magnets using orange popsicle sticks, paint, and paper. Let imaginations run wild with this kid-friendly project.

popsicle stick pumpkin craft

12. Tie Dye Pumpkin Tshirt

Create a colourful and lively tie-dye top using fabric dye and some hand stitching. This craft is an enjoyable and imaginative method to add colour to your fall wardrobe.

pumpkin tie dyed tshirt diy project

13. Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

This crochet pumpkin pattern is a must-try if you enjoy working with yarn and a crochet hook. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, this pattern is designed to be simple and accessible to all skill levels. You can create adorable crochet pumpkins with basic crochet stitches that add to your seasonal decor.

hand crochet pumpkins

14. Paper Pumpkins

With just a few sheets of paper, you can create beautiful pumpkin shapes that you can customise with different colours and patterns. You can make a giant pumpkin as a centrepiece or a few smaller ones for a cute garland. This crafting project involves folding and cutting, but it’s easy and enjoyable. It’s the perfect activity to do with the kids!

paper pumpkin project

15. Upcycled Crochet Thread Ball Pumpkins

Create adorable crochet thread pumpkins that are both fast and budget-friendly. You only need a few balls of orange yarn, making this a fantastic no-waste project. Finish them off with some moss and a wine cork stem, and when the season ends, add the yarn back to your crafting supplies.

diy crochet yarn pumpkins

16. Paper Pumpkin Garland

Add a festive touch to your home with a DIY paper pumpkin garland. This craft involves cutting out pumpkin shapes from coloured paper or cardstock and stringing them together to create a charming garland. Hang the garland on your mantel, across a window, or along a wall to instantly infuse your space with autumn vibes. This simple and budget-friendly project is perfect to make with the kids.

paper pumpkin garland project for kids

17. No Sew Liberty Fabric Pumpkins

If you love Liberty fabric’s iconic floral patterns, you’ll love these easy, no-sew Liberty fabric pumpkins. You can create lovely pumpkins without any sewing required using Liberty fabric scraps or other fabric you choose.

paper mache fabric covered pumpkins

18. Succulent Pumpkin Planter

Why not create a succulent pumpkin planter? Find yourself a decent-sized pumpkin and add some moss along with a variety of beautiful succulent plants on top. The result is a stunning arrangement that perfectly contrasts the succulents’ lush greens with the pumpkin’s vibrant orange hues.

diy succulent pumpkin

19. Pumpkin Door Knob Hanger

Transform your home into a cosy autumn haven effortlessly by crafting charming doorknob hangers using leftover fabric, batting, and string. These whimsical DIY fabric pumpkin hangers are a budget-friendly option and a fun way to add rustic fall vibes to your home.

diy fabric pumpkin door knob garland

20. Denim Pumpkins with Recycled Jeans

Give your pumpkins a stylish twist by creating denim pumpkins using recycled jeans. This no-sew, eco-friendly craft allows you to repurpose old denim into unique and textured pumpkins. Cut up old denim jeans, tie them together, and stuff them with filling material. A fun upcycled twist on traditional fall décor!

recycled jeans pumpkin tutorial

21. DIY Coastal Fabric Pumpkins

These lovely DIY fabric pumpkins add a touch of fall to your coastal decor! Made from neutral-coloured canvas and accented with light blue piping, they effortlessly blend beachy style with autumn charm. Don’t sacrifice your coastal vibes – create a beautiful centrepiece that captures the essence of both seasons!

coastal diy pumpkin tutorial

22. Fabric Pumpkins with Free Printable Pumpkin Pattern

If you’re looking for an easy way to make fabric pumpkins, try this free printable pumpkin pattern. You can easily trace and cut out fabric pieces with a printable template. Sew the fabric pieces together, leaving an opening for stuffing, and then fill them with stuffing material. Add a stem and any additional decorations to personalise your fabric pumpkins.

If you need a helping hand with sewing, check out my article Learn How to Sew -Ultimate Guide to Sewing for Beginners.

fabric pumpkins with free sewing pattern

23. Pumpkin Fairy House

Enjoy the autumn spirit with nature crafts like a pumpkin fairy house! Not only does it make a charming seasonal decoration, but it’s also a fantastic option for Halloween. If you’re searching for unique and straightforward Halloween pumpkin ideas, a pumpkin fairy house offers a cute and creative alternative to traditional spooky designs. Let your imagination run wild as you design and decorate this whimsical project, making it a perfect activity for kids.

diy fairy house pumpkin

24. Pumpkin Succulents Planter with Moss & Twigs

Combining pumpkins’ natural beauty and succulents’ charm, you can create a stunning display layered with moss and twigs. Whether you place it indoors or outdoors, this gorgeous planter adds an organic touch to your home. Embrace your love for plants and the cosy vibes of fall with this delightful project!

diy succulent pumpkin tutorial

25. DIY Macrame Pumpkins

Explore your macrame skills by making DIY macrame pumpkins. Anyone can make these using simple craft supplies, rope, wool, and hot glue. These pretty, bohemian-style pumpkins are a super fun fall twist!

diy macrame pumpkins

26. Easy 3D Felt Pumpkins

Using a few pieces of felt and glue, you can have a bunch of beautifully charming 3D felt pumpkins to display around your home this fall. No sewing is required making these a fun activity with the kids.

diy easy 3D felt pumpkins

27. DIY Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

If you love Disney, you will love this magical Mickey Mouse pumpkin. Not everything has to be scary during Halloween! You can create this playful Mickey face decoration using a few faux pumpkins in no time.

diy mickey mouse pumpkin

28. Chunky Yarn Pumpkins from Dollar Tree

You can make these adorable pumpkins using Dollar Tree foam pumpkins and chunky knit yarn. The step-by-step tutorial will guide you in creating yarn pumpkins that are not only cute but also have a wonderful texture. Since they’re made with styrofoam, you can enjoy these DIY pumpkins for years.

diy chunky yarn pumpkins

29. DIY Paper Bag Pumpkin

These DIY paper bag pumpkins are so much fun to make with kids. Using simple craft supplies like paper and glue, you can have some unique, handmade Halloween decorations to hang around your home this spooky season.

diy paper pumpkins

30. Burlap Pumpkin Wreath

If you love rustic farmhouse décor, this burlap pumpkin wreath project is just for you! Using orange and green burlap ribbon, you can create this stunning wrath display to hang on your front door or around your home.

diy burlap pumpkin wreath

31. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

While crafting these fantastic DIY pumpkins, you can make a batch of my beloved chocolate chip cookies that I have adapted for the fall season. This pumpkin variation seems like an appropriate crafting treat to enjoy!

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

DIY Pumpkins Conclusion

This ultimate guide provides a variety of DIY pumpkin ideas that you can make for this fall and Halloween season.

Whether you’re looking for easy no-sew ideas, whimsical fairy houses, felt pumpkins or simple yarn pumpkins, there is something here for everyone.

These 30 creative DIY pumpkin ideas are inspiring crafts to start making and decorating your home with for fall.

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