How to Make Grain Sack Fabric

Learn how to make your own grain sack fabric. I was inspired to create this tutorial when desperately seeking grain sack or ticking fabric for my Christmas decor this year.

I quickly discovered that New Zealand doesn’t really stock these types of fabrics and the options I did find were not within my budget, so making my own was my next best option.

If you saw my blog post How To Make Christmas Decorations On A Budget you may have noticed a red stripe fabric that I used, to make some of my Christmas decorations.

how to make grain sack

This tutorial is sharing how I made my own striped grain sack fabric using leftover drop cloth from my How To Make Farmhouse Inspired Curtains tutorial. The drop cloth was really inexpensive, costing around $26.

how to make grain sack fabric

This project is a fun and inexpensive way to create rustic farmhouse style homewares. You could create napkins, pillow covers and aprons. 

Because it’s coming into the holiday season, I have been using this handmade grain sack to create decorations for my Christmas tree and home.

how to make grain sack fabric ideas



  • You could use linen or hessian as your base fabric instead of drop cloth for a truly rustic look.
  • If you use less paint on your brush it will create a washed-out effect, which is really pretty.
  • Cut the masking tape to different widths to get a varied look.
  • Save your scraps to glue onto old plastic decorations!
  • You could use blue paint for a true farmhouse style but because it’s Christmas time I went for red.
  • Cotton Painters Drop Cloth
  • Red Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Masking Tape
  • Newspaper

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laying up grain sack fabricLayout your newspaper and then lay out your drop cloth on top. The newspaper will just help protect the surface underneath in case the paint seeps through a little bit.

mask up grain sack fabricStart to cut the masking tape to length. This is the fun part, you can decide how narrow or how wide you want your stripes to be.

Make sure you really push down the masking tape to ensure that the paint won’t steep through.

masking grain sack fabricI am going with a mixture of different sized stripes to make it more interesting, which I will be using for an upcoming tutorial How To Make Christmas stockings.

painting grain sack fabricOnce you have masked up the fabric you can start to paint in between the masking tape. If you want the stripes to be quite bold use more paint.

painting grain sack fabric

Because I am using this grain sack for my Christmas decorations I want it to be bold but if you are planning to make rustic farmhouse style cushion covers for your home, just use less paint for a washed-out effect.

pulling off masking tape on grain sackOnce the paint has dried start to peel off the masking tape to reveal the stripes.


With Christmas coming up I thought that it would be fun to inspire you with how you can use this grain sack fabric to decorate your home for the holiday season.

christmas decorations

I have made my own Christmas decorations using my free template, which you can download by signing up to my email list. The link will be sent to your inbox. 

I also made some really cute Christmas baubles by covering old plastic ones in grain sack offcuts and replaced the ribbon with a striped cord.

These are lots of fun to make so definitely get your kids involved as well!

Christmas ideas for grain sack You could also use the grain sack as a ribbon for your Christmas gift wrapping. It adds a really nice rustic touch when paired with brown wrapping paper. It’s also really affordable.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make grain sack fabric. This has been really helpful for me since I can’t seem to find grain sack in New Zealand.

When I do find it, it’s usually out of my price range so I definitely have a list of things to make out of this grain sack fabric, which I’m sure I will share more tutorials with you soon.

Merry Christmas! 

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