about makyla creates
Makyla Creates is an independent sewing pattern company with the focus on creating modern, timeless designs to help you create a thoughtful sustainable wardrobe. Sewing your own clothes is a labour of love and learning, which is why Makyla also creates easy to follow tutorials with tips and tricks to help you become a confident sewer. You are never too old to learn a new skill. 

About Makyla  

I have been sewing for as long as I can rememberwatermelon shorts . I never really thought about what I wanted to do when I was growing up I just knew
I loved to be creative in all aspects but sewing was where I found the most joy. I am a self taught sewer and when I was fifteen I opened up my own Etsy store selling handmade garments to people all over the world. It brought me so much joy knowing that people were wearing something I had made in places like France and England.
Growing up in a small country like New Zealand made me feel so far away from such exciting places so this opportunity really made my passion excel. I went on to study Fashion and Design at university where I learnt how to pattern make, grade, sketch, design and sew to a higher standard. 

Now on the daily I am working on my small business, Makyla Creates where I design, sew samples, create patterns and tutorials, which makes me so happy. I didn't really intend on starting a sewing pattern business, it just sort of happened but why it happened is because I love to design, sew, sketch & share knowledge. Pattern making requires mainly those things - so here I am and I love it. It's only me working so I will say at times it can be a bit overwhelming but I cannot thank the sewing community enough for the daily support, its such a loving community filled with generosity, kindness and support. Being able to inspire, teach and encourage others to learn a new skill like sewing is something I am so grateful for. The feeling of helping others learn is the feeling of success.