Hi, I’m Makyla

Thanks so much for stopping by my little slice of the internet. It’s so lovely to have you here.

I believe there is much beauty to be found in taking the time to slow down & enjoy the small mundane moments life has to offer.

Makyla Creates is a place where we can come together to find beauty in everyday simple & slow living. Whether that be learning how to sew, sewing an apron for your kitchen, baking cookies, making a handmade gift, or going thrift shopping to find hidden treasures for your home.

Join me on this everyday journey to rediscover & celebrate the simple joys in life.

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

at the beach

Listening to

Ed sheeran

grateful for

my family

Favorite place


my weekends

walks & reading books

best snuggle buddies

our family doggies

My Favourite sewing project

My Favourite recipe

Makyla Creates Sewing Patterns and blog inspired by simple living

Where this all began

In March 2020, I decided to leave my role as a Fashion Buyer for one of New Zealand’s well know fashion lines. What I thought was my ‘dream’ job! After completing a diploma to land this job, I quickly discovered that the typical, overworked, underpaid, 9-5 job wasn’t for me.  

My passion for sewing was diminishing, and I felt like there had to be more to life than just working tirelessly. I decided to take my passion for creating and start ‘Makyla Creates’ selling digital sewing patterns. I launched my first pattern in April 2020!

Since then I have fallen deeply in love with homemaking, frugal living, and simple living, a world that makes my heart sing. It confirmed there is more to life than just working a stressful 9-5 job, while trying to feel successful. 

Homemaking was something that I was beginning to do without realising it. We had moved into a little cottage rental on a lifestyle block. It was peaceful, charming, and surrounded by farm animals and trees. My goals rapidly started to change. 

I started teaching myself new skills like cookingnatural livinghomemaking, and baking. This journey is one I’m genuinely passionate about sharing with you.