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Hi, I’m Makyla, a sewing and DIY enthusiast and sewing pattern designer. It’s lovely to see you. Here you will find inspiration for sewing, fun DIY projects, thoughtful gift ideas and simple living. Read more…


Learn how to sew with these simple, beginner-friendly sewing tutorials. Here you’ll find sewing tool guides, how-to guides, and technique guides. Once you have the basics down, you can start sewing your own handmade wardrobe and homewares.

DigitaL Sewing patterns

Make clothing you love with Makyla’s simple, timeless sewing patterns.

Designed with simplicity, Makyla’s patterns are easy to follow and provide detailed instructions and tips to help you sew confidently.

Makyla thoughtfully crafts her sewing patterns in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Sewing cutting tools on a pink background

Cutting tool guide for beginners

It can be overwhelming knowing what all the cutting tools are used to cut and which are the best options for you to buy. Understanding what each cutting tool does is an excellent place to start. This deep dive into each cutting tool will help you determine which will make sewing easier.

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Slow & Simple Living

Simple living inspiration and tips for slowing down and enjoying the little things in life. Discover zero-waste ideas, natural cleaning and beauty recipes and homemaking tips. You can learn how to make your own natural and safe cleaning and beauty products with these easy and affordable recipes to save money and reduce toxic chemicals in your home.

Simple Living

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