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How To Sew Ruffles For Beginners

Learn how to sew ruffles with this step by step tutorial, perfect for beginner sewers!

How To Sew Ruffles For Beginners

Ruffles are a really simple but pretty detail to add to garments and homewares. I add them to most of my sewing projects because I just love the effortless detail they add.

You can quickly learn the basic sewing skills required to make ruffles. Gather stitching, straight seams and a little bit of math!

A rule of thumb is to cut your ruffles x1.5 the length of the seam or hem you are sewing it to. This allows for fullness when the ruffle is gathered up. If you want a really full ruffle simply x2 the length instead of x1.5.

Play around with the fabric you are using as all fabrics gather differently.

How To Sew Ruffles For Beginners close up of ruffles


This is a practise project, as part of my Beginner Sewing Series to help you understand how to sew ruffles and the math behind pattern making ruffles.

Once you try sewing ruffles a few times you will be able to apply this method to your sewing projects in no time!

If you are brand new to sewing, I have created a Beginner Sewing Series course to get you feeling confident to start your sewing journey. I go through the basic equipment you will need, how to sew seams, how to sew hems and lots more!

If you are want to begin sewing with a basic sewing pattern check out my Camille Top Pattern. It’s my most popular sewing pattern and all sewing levels have enjoyed making this top.


Learn How To Sew Ruffles. Beginner Sewing Series By Makyla Creates.





  • Ruffle (70cm x 30cm)
  • False Hem (40cm x 20cm)

Fold the ruffle in half lengthways, wrong sides together. Change the machine stitch length to its longest stitch (gather stitch). Sew a row of gather stitching 5mm from raw edges. Leave long tails of thread on both ends – DO NOT back tack.

How To Sew Ruffles For Beginners

Sew another row of gather stitching 5mm from the last row and leave long tails on either end.

Begin to pull both tails on the same side of the ruffle to gather up the fabric. Gather roughly to the centre of the ruffle than swap to the other side. Keep gathering the ruffle until both sides look even.

How To Sew Ruffles For Beginners pulling gathering

Pin the ruffle to the hem gathering it up to fit the length of hem. Pin as you go along.

Join the ruffle to the hem with a 1cm seam allowance. Remove the pins and fold down the ruffle.

How To Sew Ruffles For Beginners sewing the ruffles

That’s it! See how simple it is to add such a beautiful detail to your sewing projects. Check out some of the great ruffle sewing projects below, practise makes perfect.

Makyla Creates Sewing Patterns With Ruffles:

One of our most popular sewing patterns the Dua comes as a blouse and dress design. It features a delicate ruffle detailing around the bib. If you want to challenge yourself this is a great pattern to get sewing with.

Dua Blouse & Dress Digital Sewing Pattern

dua dress sewing pattern by makyla creates


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