Learn how to make cushion covers for your home in less than 10 minutes with this beginner-friendly envelope cushion sewing tutorial.

Sewing clothing is fun, but have you made anything for your home yet? Sewing for your home can save you tonnes of money. I recently went shopping for new cushion covers and couldn’t believe how expensive they were to buy.…some were $80 for one cushion!

A floral envelope cushion cover on a white bed

I know how easy it is to sew cushion covers because I’ve made these beautiful ruffle cushion covers for my home. It reminded me that sewing is a blessing, and I can make high-quality cushion covers instead of buying some.

I love sewing homewares for my home. Over the years, I’ve made pot holders, reusable paper towels, table placemats, and a handy apron.

This sewing method is perfect for beginners to make in just a few simple steps and only takes 10 minutes to cut and sew together. But take your time if you need to.

These are envelope cushion covers with no closures like a zipper, ties, or buttons. Instead, the fabric is overlapped at the back to create an opening, a.k.a envelope where you can insert a cushion inner. Perfect if you don’t have experience with sewing closures just yet.

So, let’s dive into how to make cushion covers.

A floral envelope cushion cover on a white bed

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Tools & Materials You’ll Need:

Want to build a sewing kit with the right tools? Check out my sewing tools and equipment list.

What is the best fabric to make cushion covers from?

Woven fabrics are best for sewing cushions because they won’t stretch out of shape like a knitted fabric. I recommend these woven fabrics:

  • Quilting Cotton
  • Poplin cotton
  • Upholstery fabric
  • Velvet
  • Heavy weight linen
  • Ticking

Learn more about different types of fabrics so you can make more informed fabric decisions.

A floral envelope cushion cover on a white bed

How to Make Cushion Covers

Step 1 – Measure the cushion’s inner

To get accurate measurements for your cushion cover, grab a tape measure and measure the width and length of the cushion’s inner. By doing this, you’ll have precise measurements that will ensure a perfect fit for your cushion cover.

Measuring a cushion inner with a tape measure

Step 2 – Cut out the fabric

To work out the right sizing for your cushion insert size, follow this pattern formula:

Width = Width + 2cm (for seam allowances).
Length = Cushion length x 2 (front & back) + overlap length + 4cm (overlap hems).

For example, the dimensions for a cushion inner of 40cm x 40cm would be:
Width = 40+2 = 42cm.
Length = (40×2)+12+4 = 96cm.

You can use the charts below to cut your fabric for square cushion inners. I have included cm’s and inches.

Sizes (cm)30×3040×4045×4550×5055×5560×60
Overlap length8cm12cm14cm16cm18cm20cm
Cushion measurement chart for cms
Sizes (inches)12×1216×1618×1820×2022×2224×24
Overlap length3″5″5.5″6″7″8″
Cushion measurement chart for inches

Transfer the measurements onto your fabric using a ruler and tailor’s chalk or pins. Cut the cushion cover out.

Cut out cushion cover fabric

Step 3 – Fold and sew the cushion cover hems

Fold the ends over 1cm (1/4″) and then again another 1cm (1/4″) to create a double-turned hem. Edgestitch the hem down and press. Repeat this for the other end.

Tip: I like to use my hem gauge to measure. Visit my guide on measuring tools to learn more.

Folding the hem for an envelope cushion cover using a hem gauge to measure
Folding the hem for an envelope cushion cover

Step 4 – Fold the cushion cover

To create the envelope opening, fold the cushion cover in half and press with an iron to crease. Open the cushion cover back up.

Folding the cushion cover in half

Fold and press both ends to half the overlap length (check the chart for measurements).

For example, a 30x30cm (12″x12″) cushion overlap length would be 8cm (3″) in total. So half is 4cm (1.5″). Measure and fold 4cm (1..5″) on each side.

Folding the side hems in

Right sides together bring the left side hem fold to the centre crease. Press to crease the side seam. Repeat for the right side.

Folding the sides into the centre of the envelope cushion cover

Next, line up the left side hem fold and centre fold on top of each other. Pin along the top and bottom. Repeat for the other side and pin.

This little trick is a lifesaver when aligning the cushion opening in the centre.

Diagram showing how to overlap the cushion envelope opening for sewing.

Step 5 – Sew the cushion cover together

Sew the side seams with a 1cm (1/4″) seam allowance. Turn the cushion cover through to the right sides and press flat.

Sewing the side seams of the cushion cover

Step 6 – Insert the cushion inner

Insert the cushion inner, and you’re done!

Close up of envelope cushion opening

I hope you found this cushion cover sewing project easy and enjoyable.

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