Learn how to make farmhouse-inspired curtains using a drop cloth.

These curtains are a great way to add luxury to your home if you are on a tight budget. By adding these inexpensive curtains to your home you can transform a space in a matter of hours.

Farmhouse Inspired Curtains Hanging On Wall

I made this farmhouse-inspired curtain to lighten up my sewing area and add some texture to space. Behind the curtain is dark wood blinds, which you may notice in the background of my later Youtube videos.

The colours were too harsh for my personal preference as I really strive to get aesthetically pleasing video and content for my viewers. My purpose is to inspire sewing in a really beautiful way.

Where my partner and I are currently living is a rental property so I am unable to add permanent curtains to this space or pull down the current blinds. These affordable drop cloth curtains are my current solution and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.


If you are new to sewing this project is great to practice sewing straight seam lines. If you are brand new to sewing you can check out my Beginner Sewing Series where I go through all the sewing basics you need to know to get started.

This is a really quick project, it only took me about an hour to cut and sew and hang this curtain up.

Farmhouse Inspired Curtains Hanging On Wall


  • Check your drop cloth is 100% linen if you are going to bleach it so you will get a crisp white colour. The one in my supply kit below works well.
  • If you are wanting to hand two curtains divide to window or door space by two then double for each curtain width.
  • Double-check your measurements before cutting out! Better to check twice and cut once.

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To work out what size your curtain needs to be, measure across the area that you are going to be hanging your curtain. I wanted my curtain to cover just the window so I measured across the bottom window sill.

I found my window sill to be 140cm wide (55 inches). I doubled this which came out to 180cm (110 inches). You will need to double the width measurement to make sure the curtain is really nice and full when hung.

How to Make Farmhouse Inspired Curtains using a drop cloth measurement guide

To work out the length of your curtain you need to decide where you will be hanging your curtain wire or curtain rod. Measure down from that point then add 23 inches (13 inches for the top hem and ruffle + 10 inches for the hem).

How to Make Farmhouse Inspired Curtains using a drop cloth makyla measuring the window


  • Painters Drop Cloth (100% Cotton)
  • Curtain Wire or Rod
  • Matching Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pins
  • Iron

You can shop my supplies here –


ruffle hem
At the top of your curtain fold over one inch and pop in some pins. This is going to be the hem for the ruffle at the top of the curtain.

measure out the ruffle
Then fold over the top of the curtain and measure the ruffle to be 12 inches. This is going to be the length of the ruffle at the top of the curtain.

Pin all the way along as you go to make it easier for yourself to sew in the next step.

sewing ruffle hemEdgestitch the one-inch hem on the ruffle.

sewing casingSew the top of the curtain where the ruffle is folded over, this is going to create a casing for your curtain wire or rod to go through.

I made mine about 1cm or 1/2 inch wide. If you have a curtain rod just work out how much width you will need your casing to provide so that you can thread through your curtain rod.

At the bottom of the curtain fold over one inch and press in place. Then fold up 9 inches and pin all the way along.

sewing hemEdgestitch the hem in place.

Grab your curtain wire or curtain rod and thread this through the casing that you created at the top of the curtain.

casing for curtainNow your curtain is ready to be hung up. I am using hooks for my wire they come as a pack. I did use an extra hook in the centre as well, because the curtain is quite heavy. 

hanging up curtain

I’m so pleased with how these curtains turned out in my sewing space. They really lighten up my sewing space and add a lovely touch to the room without costing too much money. 

Do you have space in your home that these farmhouse style curtains will work well in?


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