Are you overwhelmed with keeping your kids entertained during the school holidays? I get it! That’s why I’ve come up with a fantastic list of sewing projects for kids. They can get creative and have fun making finger puppets, capes, aprons, reading supplies, and much more!

Sewing is a fantastic skill to learn, even better when you start young. I remember starting as a teenager and falling in love with it. And now I can make my clothes and homewares!

Before your kids dive into sewing, I have some helpful sewing practice sheets to get them started and feel confident behind the sewing machine.

If they have never used a sewing machine or any sewing tools, they can follow my beginner guides to thread a sewing machine, wind a bobbin, and sew a simple seam.

Here are 21 fun and creative sewing projects for kids to make.

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1.    Dinosaur Finger Puppets

Rawr! These little guys are perfect for an afternoon of imaginative play. Plus, they’re way cooler than regular finger puppets.

Tutorial by Seam Whisperer

2.    Bow Scrunchies

These bow scrunchies are so cute and easy for any kid or teen to sew with our free sewing pattern. They can match outfits or be sewn in lots of colours and prints.

Tutorial by Makyla Creates

3.    Snuggle Snake Softies

These snuggle snakes are so soft and cuddly that your kids won’t want to let go. If you have a critter lover, this sewing project is perfect for them.

Tutorial by Swoodsons Says

4.    Reversible Apron

Do you have a mini chef in the family? This reversible apron is simple and easy to follow with a detailed sewing pattern. Print the pattern off at 75% scale to fit your mini-mes.

Tutorial by Makyla Creates

5.    Tooth Fairy Monster Pillow

This little monster is the perfect sewing project and place for kids to stow away all those teeth their losing. And don’t worry, he won’t bite – he’s just here to make sure the tooth fairy doesn’t miss any teeth.

Tutorial by Creatively Beth

6.    Book Pillows

Kids who love to read will love these fleece book pillows! They’re not only super cosy to snuggle up with but also an excellent way for them to learn how to sew. It’s lovely that they can practice a new skill and enjoy a good book.

Tutorial by Make and Takes

7.    Minecraft Stuffies

If your kids love Minecraft, they will probably love this sewing project. These Minecraft stuffies are super fun, and there is a sheep, pig, and creeper character to choose from.

Tutorial by Education Possible

8.    Glasses Case

Teaching our children or grandchildren to take care of their belongings is a valuable skill. This protective glasses case provides a fun and practical way to store their sunglasses.

Tutorial by Makyla Creates

9.    Fabric Bookmark

One fun and easy sewing project for kids is making fabric bookmarks. To give it a unique touch, you can trim the edges with pinking shears to prevent fraying. This project is great for practising basic sewing skills and making something practical for reading!

Tutorial by Seam Whisperer

10.    Snappy Pouch

This cool pouch is perfect for storing toys! Kids with more sewing experience can make it themselves with some colourful fabrics. They can make several of these pouches to keep their toys organised or to take to school with pens and pencils.

Tutorial by Beginner Sewing Projects

11. DIY Cornhole Bags

Want to encourage some fun in the sun with this DIY game? Teens can make their own cornhole bags! Follow this simple tutorial by Happiest Camper, and they can challenge their friends to a fun competition.

Tutorial by Happiest Camper

12. DIY Finger Puppets

These adorable DIY finger puppets are a fun and easy sewing project for kids! Even if they’re beginners, they’ll be able to master the simple whip stitch technique with ease. They can always use glue to make things easier. Once they’re done making them, the fun continues as they can play with these cute finger puppets for hours!

Tutorial by Kitchen Table Classroom

13. Christmas Tree Decorations

Around Christmas time, this tutorial is super popular with mums helping their kids make some homemade Christmas decorations for the tree. A free printable sewing pattern is included, making this project easy.

Tutorial by Makyla Creates

Homemade fabric Christmas decorations sewn by Makyla

14. Dragon Cape Tutorial

For dinosaur lovers, this gorgeous dinosaur cape is a fun project to work on together. Then once it’s done, it’s time to be imaginative!

Tutorial by In the Playroom

15. Japanese Knot Bag

Is your teen looking for a cool and unique accessory to add to their wardrobe? This Japanese Knot Bag is simple enough for kids to make and stand out from the crowd!

Tutorial by Happiest Camper

16. Fabric Phone Case

Teens can make the coolest phone case ever with their fabric designs! They can keep their phone safe in a phone case that matches their favourite outfits or backpacks.

Tutorial by Craftsy Hacks

17. How to Make a Fabric Bookmark with Elastic and a Pocket

If your kids or teens love to read, these bookmarks can keep their place in their favourite books. Who says bookmarks have to be boring? Let’s add some pizzazz with fun fabrics and a pocket to hold pens or pencils.

Tutorial by Sew Crafty Me

18. Sock Snail Craft

Who knew socks could be so cute? Get ready to create a snail friend that’s soft, cuddly, and adorable. Socks aren’t just for your feet, and they can also be turned into the cutest creatures!

Tutorial by Easy Peasy and Fun

19. Drawstring bags

These quick and easy drawstring bags are perfect for kids to carry all their treasures! Use some fun fabrics like cartoon characters and make them uniquely theirs.

Tutorial by Makyla Creates

20. Reusable Snack Bag

These reusable snack bags can help the environment by reducing waste. These snacks will never taste better than when pulled out of a bag they’ve made themselves.

Tutorial by Create to Donate

21.     Pot Holders

Making these square pot holders is a fun and practical sewing project for those who love baking or cooking. They can easily handle hot baking dishes straight out of the oven while being creative in the kitchen.

Tutorial by Makyla Creates

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