5 Sewing Projects Ideas to Make in Under 10 Minutes

Hey Sewing Pals, 

Yesterday I uploaded a new tutorial on my Youtube channel sharing 5 Sewing Projects Ideas to Make in Under 10 Minutes. 

5 sewing projects

This tutorial idea sparked when thinking about Covid and how heaps of us are stuck at home right now or not able to get supplies.

I have a huge messy pile of scraps so I thought lets make some fun things. 

Heres what I came up with -

~ Hand warmers. Lowkey wondering why i have never made these before they are epic

~ Quilted pin cushion. Super cute vintage country vibes

~ Headphones case. This one I feel clever about im that person that has to untangle my pens and keys out of my headphones all the time!

~ Scruncccchies. I didn't come up with this one but who doesn't love a matching scrunch!!! 

~ Utensil Holder. Okey this one is too cute. I always take my own cutlery for lunch so this just makes sense really. My bf was like WAT is that...so much to learn. 

You can check it all out rioght here in my vid! Happy Sewing pals x