Who doesn’t love a cute and cuddly teddy bear? They’re a classic stuffed toy that brings joy to people of all ages. If you’re up for a fun and satisfying sewing project, making your own teddy bear might be just what you need.

I’ve got some great tips on where to find some awesome free and paid teddy bear sewing patterns online!

First off, let’s talk about the free patterns. You might be surprised that plenty of fantastic teddy bear patterns are available for free online! Many talented designers and bloggers have generously shared their patterns and tutorials, so you can find something simple or more complex to suit your sewing skills.

If you’re willing to spend some money on your teddy bear project, then paid patterns are a great option, too. These patterns often come with more detailed instructions and templates, which can be helpful if you’re a beginner.

Teddy Bear Sewing Tips

When sewing your teddy bear, remember a few important things.

  • Choosing the right fabric is key – Depending on the desired look if you want something soft and snuggly, use fleece or minky.
  • Follow the pattern instructions carefully and take your time with each step. Sewing a teddy bear can be tricky, but the result is worth it!

So whether you’re making a teddy bear for yourself, a child, or as a gift, there’s a perfect pattern out there waiting for you to discover!

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Free Teddy Bear Patterns

1. The Kimberbear

The Kimberbear is an adorable free teddy bear pattern. The Kimberbear is an initiative designed to put cosy stuffed bears into the arms of children who need extra comfort and love. These bears can be dropped off at hospitals, fire stations, support centres and other places in need. You can also use this pattern to make bears for yourself or your family.

Size – 30cm x 36cm (12 x 14”).
Pattern Type – FREE PDF pattern to print at home on A4 or Letter-size paper. The sewing instructions are extremely clear and detailed, with step-by-step illustrations.
Sewing Level – Beginner-friendly. This pattern includes illustrated instructions and easy-to-follow video tutorials for each stage.

2. Traditional Linen Teddy Bear

This teddy bear by Marie Claire Idées reminds me of a more traditional style bear. Customising this teddy bear pattern is a breeze with any fabric you have available. You can utilise leftover scraps from past projects or grab some fresh linen or cotton fabrics to make a unique teddy bear.

Size – About 45cm (17¾in) tall.
Pattern Type – FREE PDF pattern to print at home.
Sewing Level – Beginner-friendly.

3. HowJoyful Teddy Bear

This block-coloured teddy bear by howjoyful.com is adorable. It reminds me of 90’s style teddies that I had growing up. The ribbon around the neck is a lovely finishing touch. This teddy has a zip in the back, so you can put stuff inside, making it extra special.

Size – Not mentioned, but it looks like a standard-size teddy.
Pattern Type – FREE professional PDF pattern to print at home.
Sewing Level – This tutorial is not recommended for beginners as it is more complicated than other bear patterns. This pattern is for you if you are an experienced sewer or have had experience sewing teddy bears before.

4. Honey Teddy Bear

The Honey Teddy Bear by Funky Friends Factory is super cute and cuddly. A little different from a standard teddy bear, this makes for a lovely, cuddly pal for kids.

Size – Not listed.
Pattern Type – FREE pattern when you sign up for the Funky Friends email list.
Sewing Level – The Honey Bear is perfect for beginners. It doesn’t have traditional teddy sewing techniques.

5. Heirloom Teddy Bear

The heirloom teddy bear is a traditional style bear. Its shaggy coat and padded paws make it the perfect keepsake.

Size – Approx 22cm (8¾in) tall.
Pattern Type – FREE PDF sewing pattern.
Sewing Level – Perfect for beginners, the pattern includes clear step-by-step images for sewing the bear together.

PDF Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns

6. Adorable Teddy Bear Pattern

This teddy bear design is absolutely adorable! The classic shaggy brown fabric is both nostalgic and heartwarming. With video and written instructions, even beginners can make their own teddy bear.

Size – Approx 21cm (8.26″) x 25cm (9.84″) when finished.
Pattern Type – PDF pattern. Purchase on Etsy here.
Sewing Level – This sewing pattern is suitable for all sewing levels. The pattern designer has an online tutorial for beginners. The video has detailed sewing step-by-step instructions.

7. Memory Bear with Pants

Are you looking for a way to keep your cherished memories close to your heart? This Memory Bear sewing pattern can help you create a sentimental Keepsake Bear that embodies your fondest memories. This easy-to-follow PDF bear sewing pattern makes crafting a touching memorial bear a breeze, allowing you to capture the essence of your most beloved memories.

Size – Includes four sizes, measured from top of head to toe. 13 inches (33 cm), 18 inches (45 cm), 25 inches (63,5 cm), 30 inches (76 cm).
Pattern Type – PDF pattern. Purchase on Etsy here. Includes free pants sewing pattern.
Sewing Level – This sewing pattern is suitable for all sewing levels. It includes easy-to-read step-by-step directions, including how to attach safety eyes.

8. ‘The Dear Ones’ Bear

If you are looking for simple, modern-style teddy bears to make, then this animal collection is perfect. Get all four animal patterns – bear, bunny, duck, and elephant – at a discounted price. The bear is pictured 2nd from the left.

Size – The finished size is 6″ inches tall (15.2 cm).
Pattern Type – PDF sewing pattern. Purchase on Etsy here.
Sewing Level – These sewing patterns are best for someone with a bit of sewing experience.

9. Modern Teddy Bear

This modern-style teddy bear pack is so charming. Included is a bear and panda sewing pattern. This pattern allows you to create a bear or panda doll with options for face templates, markings, whiskers, and clothing such as overalls, headscarves and bows.

Size – The bear measures approximately 38.1cm (15″) without ears.
Pattern Type – PDF sewing pattern. Purchase on Etsy here.
Sewing Level – This sewing pattern is for complete beginners. It includes step-by-step photographs, detailed instructions and lots of tips from the designer’s years of dollmaking experience.

10. Embroidered Chakra Bear

Looking for a unique and heartwarming gift idea? Look no further than the Chakra Teddy. This adorable thread-jointed fabric Teddy is a fun crafting project and a meaningful reminder of the important qualities that make us human. With its carefully crafted design and attention to detail, this pattern will guide you through creating a one-of-a-kind Teddy that will surely bring joy and comfort to you or a loved one.

Size – The bear measures approximately 22cm or 8 1/2 inches tall.
Pattern Type – PDF sewing pattern. Purchase on Etsy here.
Sewing Level – The pattern includes 31 pages of full detailed instructions with plenty of photos for each step. I would recommend having some sewing and embroidery experience for this project.

Learn how to do basic embroidery stitches: running stitch, backstitch, and chain stitch.

11. Ragdoll Bear Sewing Pattern

Looking for a perfect soft toy for your little one? This vintage-style ragdoll bunny or bear softie is a great choice! It’s designed to be a constant companion for your baby or small child, and it looks so cute when nestled among their pillows. You can make it easily by upcycling an old baby blanket or soft flannelette sheet.

Size – The bear measures approximately 25cm (10″ inches) tall.
Pattern Type – PDF sewing pattern. Purchase on Etsy here.
Sewing Level – This project is perfect for those who have a little bit of sewing experience and want to take on a more challenging soft toy project. It comes with helpful tips and instructional photos so you can follow along easily.

Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns Conclusion

In conclusion, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sewer, plenty of free and paid teddy bear sewing patterns are available online. You can find the perfect pattern to make your cuddly teddy bear from traditional to modern designs. Remember to choose the right fabric and follow the instructions carefully for the best results.

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